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Renting an Airbnb or staying in self-catering accommodation? Find out where to buy your groceries in London, from supermarkets to independent stores. You might also want to check out one of the many food markets for food on the go


Sainsbury’s (££)


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Sainsbury’s is a mid-range grocery store, offering groceries, clothing, homewares, electricals, financial services and more at locations across London and the UK. Anything you need to stock a kitchen, you’ll find here. Look out for Sainsbury’s Magazine when in-store, for dozens of delicious recipes and hosting ideas using Sainsbury’s products. Visit Sainsbury’s official website to find your nearest store.


Waitrose (£££)


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With the Royal seal of approval, Waitrose is a pricier yet high-quality supermarket that specialises in organic produce and quality groceries. Some locations have in-store bakeries for fresh bread and pastries, and cafés for coffee and a slice of cake before embarking on your food shop. Its ‘essentials’ range features basics such as fruit and vegetables, as well as more unusual items such as houmus, feta and tinned coconut milk – all at a lower pricepoint. Visit Waitrose’s official website to find the nearest store. 


Marks & Spencer (££)



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Marks & Spencer, or M&S for short, is associated with a more luxurious shopping experience, however, offers increasingly competitive prices. Visit for high-quality food, clothing and homeware. The stores offer an endless variety of each and some even have their own food hall in case you’re feeling hungry after exploring the aisles. Visit Marks & Spencer’s official website to find the nearest store. 


Tesco (£)



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When all else fails, whether it’s markets closing on holidays or you’re in an area with slow public transit, Tesco prevails. Some are small corner stores or rest in petrol stations called Tesco Express, or others like the Tesco Extra are grand meccas of grocery and even home products. Regardless of size or location, Tesco’s pricing and products always come through. If you’re in town for a while, you might consider signing up for a Tesco Clubcard to make some impressive savings while shopping – look out for the yellow labels in store. Visit Tesco’s official website to find the nearest store. 


Whole Foods (£££)



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American grocery store Whole Foods offers seven locations across the Big Smoke. Whole Foods strives to “set the standards of excellence for food retailers,” focusing on quality and sustainable products. Though prices are a tad more expensive than others grocery stores, Whole Foods does a great job of making its products worthwhile. Visit Whole Foods’ official website to find the nearest store. 


Lidl (£)



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German discount chain Lidl operates around the world with more than 11,000 locations, many of them right here in London. Find all your groceries on a budget, along with a wide variety of offers, discounts and recipes located on Lidl’s official website. Visit Lidl’s official website to find the nearest store. 


Aldi (£)



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Aldi is Lidl’s top competitor in Germany, but in London, it really just feels like it’s Lidl’s big sister. Aldi’s mission is to bring top products to its customers at a low price. And despite its German heritage, Aldi in the UK is proud to be a supporter of British products and farmers alike. Visit Aldi’s official website to find the nearest store. 


Co-op Food (££)



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London’s Co-op is the grocery store for the people by the people; it’s run by its members, which can be anyone from its suppliers and employees to customers themselves. Co-op’s are often small, local stores but they pack a punch selling all the basic groceries plus some added extras. They also offer various rewards and discounts for members and non-members alike. Visit Co-op Food’s official website to find the nearest store. 


Asda (£)



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Founded in Leeds in 1949, Asda has expanded to more than 600 locations across the UK. Ranging from petrol stations to huge supermarkets, Asda offers quality British groceries at an extremely affordable price for all. Visit Asda’s official website to find the nearest store. 



When you’re coming home from a late night or when you just can’t be bothered to commute any further than the bare minimum, newsagents are our saviour. Newsagents are just your local corner shops where one can buy the basic necessities; where New York has bodegas, London has newsagents. Each one with its own vibe and array of affordable products many with random but equally interesting nicknacks along with tasty snacks to fill any midnight craving. Search for Newsagents on Google Maps to find the nearest location. 




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If searching for Italian fare, look no further: Eataly will provide. This giant Italian establishment has markets WITHIN the market – featuring delicious Italian meats, cheeses, baked goods and beyond. The options are limitless and the quality is high. Get lost wandering Eataly’s aisles and counters. If you can make it without buying some fresh and ready-to-eat snacks, meals or desserts, you should be commended for your discipline. 135 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3YD. www.eataly.co.uk.


Mestizo Mexican Market


London has some fantastic Latin food available and Mestizo Mexican Market brings the spice, flavours and warmth of Mexican cuisine. Mestizo lies in the heart of Hampstead but offers delivery around the UK so you can stock up without travelling to north London. 101 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 3EW. www.mestizomarket.com


Tian Tian Asian market


For a culinary tour around Southeast Asia, head to Tian Tian Asian market and find delicacies from countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and more. Tian Tian features niche-grocery products and a variety of Asian street food, perfect for any hungry foodie. Tian Tian has six locations across London. 32 Stamford St, SE1 9LS. www.tiantian.london


R Garcia & Sons Food and Wine



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Established in 1957, Garcia & Sons is a Spanish sensation along Portobello Road. The market has dozens of Spanish and Latino food, home and bath brands, along with a variety of fresh meat and produce to make the perfect tapas from home. 248-250 Portobello Road, W11 1LL. www.rgarciaandsons.com.


Borough Market



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It’s hard to list food and groceries in London without mentioning the great Borough Market. Famous across the world, Borough Market is an iconic London staple for any gastronomical need. Fresh meats, bread, cheeses and so much more can be found, along with exotic produce, phenomenal street food and restaurants that can satisfy any craving imaginable. 8 Southwark Street,  SE1 1TL. Find out more.


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